Since this was a Club Assembly business meeting, there was sooo much club business, I will just hit a few high points.
Announcements: Paella party this Sat in San Anselmo park from 2-5pm hosted by Malcolm. All are welcome and you only need to bring the beverage of your choice.
Board of trustees asking for $100/yr to Rotary Foundation-Rotary International from each Rotarian.
John Tanko volunteered to be Winston's back-up to the delight of your current scribe.
John also announced and distributed his thank-you gifts to last year's board members which they all appreciated.
Gene Duffy suggested a way to expedite raffle sales by appointing captain from each table to sell and collect money as well as passing out the complimentary raffle ticket at check-in.
Good Times included Al Shirley's depiction of what temp Hell must be like after returning from his memorable Egypt trip.
Malcolm lost a replacement tooth that was found after a dog had tried it out but was graciously replaced free of charge.
Eiko attended a Volunteer appreciation day and brought her prospective members from the Food bank along as guests.
Curt again had been to his favorite ClearLake and reminded everyone of upcoming Rotary weekend Aug 14-15 there.
Visiting Rotarian Kim shared that he had taken the ferry to the Ballpark for the first time and was challenged trying to get a beer at the game.
New business:
Barbara Gillett was inducted and welcomed into membership to a standing ovation. Mark Shirley commented that since he had become Prez, this was his third new member and at this  rate we will be a club of 70 by the time he leaves his post.
The rest of the evening was business with discussion by the chairs of various committees or committee members.
Adjourned slightly late.