Evening started off with PTR by Curt Rocca. Lovely bottle of Rocca wine won by our guest speaker.
Minutes will be abbreviated from here on as this editor was also the treasurer for the evening.
Visiting rotarians included woman from Ross rotary and her young son who played golf while meeting was going on. Kim Kassner and Erwin Andrews were also present.
Visitors included  Lea Schwarz who said she was pleased to participate in Rotary meetings in memory of her deceased Rotarian husband.
Good times included HIGH praise from Erwin Andrews of the sensational dinner put on by Chef Gene Duffy. He made a bell ringer donation in honor of the feast and fun and special attention he received from the gracious hosts. Curt also went thru the menu minus the proper names and agreed it was one of the best if NOT the best prime rib meal he had ever eaten. This editor was remiss(because of her dual duties) to stand up and give her praise and thanks for such a wonderful-full dining experience graciously presented by Jayne and hubby Gene.
Curt thanked Tracy Manalani and Damyen Lofton for hard work on BirdBlind at Walker Creek.
Al Shirley reminded everyone of upcoming outreach at Martinelli house on Aug 28th
Curt also mentioned the upcoming island weekend at ClearLake on Aug 14-15. Expect email with coordination of food plans.
Program was presentation by American Red Cross of how to prepare for disasters including what you should pack in your own shelter box.
Apology for no other notes on the evening altho' I did collect 2 other fines for cell phones ringing.
 Please fill in the blanks from your own recollections.
Adjourned at 8pm