Mark Shirley filling in for John Tanko. PTR was Don Angel with thought about feeding the good wolves. Starbuck's raffle won by Frank Benadaret.

Small number of members present. 3 visitors and guests of speaker.

Ray Barron brought article from Rotarian mag on Larry Levy from terra Linda club. Also shared  Werner Scwarz' obit.
Eiko reminded us all of the upcoming May 8th Food bank
Ticket sales for Top Hat Lobster feed only 34. Al Shirley will find out what the minimum number will have to be sold to have event.
Al also announced that there will be a working meeting at Martha's house this Saturday to make out bid sheets for event.
Good Times
Elsia shared that after well attended Earth day clean up in Corte Madera creek, Patty, Jean, Damyen and Elsia formed Hot Shots bocce ball team and proceeded to win 8 bottles of wine which were donated to Top Hat fundraiser.
Jean went to see Rotaractor musician Tim from Novato with his band Sat nite.
Very enlightening speaker Chris on the effects of our diets on Cancer. A take away was exercise at least 30 min daily, eat more veggies and fruits, limit your alcohol to 1 glass of red wine per day, add curry and an apple to your diet everyday. Some sage advice we have all heard before and should be heeding.