John ATanko called meeting to order and Keith Axtell had PTR. Raffle gift was Crown Royal party kit in deference to our visitors Stella ATorrisDamyenLofton  and Edwin from Ross Players Canada.

Visiting Rotarian's
Riki and Bob Intner were there and Riki presented a gift of her signed book to Top Hat and Pearls. She bestowed a Certificate of Appreciation for Keith and the absent Holly who was home not feeling well for all their hard work and Paul Harris Society certificates to Jayne Hulbert. John Tanko was presented the Presidential citation for our club and all its efforts and special programs that we had accomplished this past year.

Special day for Damyen Lofton who became a blue badger and he shared his words of wisdom that"the third time's a charm" which left us all wondering?
Al Shirley announced that the fund raiser committee would be meeting Sat at 10:30a to assign and get their duties for fundraiser.
Elsia announced that we all have to sell tickets. Grand prize for raffle is $495 stay at Marriott.
Eiko reminded us all of the Food bank drive and the barbecue after.
Curt announced that there would be a Community services meeting at 5p May 11.
Roy mentioned that again they had used our energy picture on the front page of the IJ. World Community services were having their final meeting last Wed at 6pm in the Corte Madera community center.

Good times
Jane announced that Gene had sold his pick up truck and also that she was recognized by CB Ellis as top producer and rewarded with trip to Las Vegas.
Jean announced that she was happy to be starting new job at CHW-St Mary's in San Francisco.
Don Angel celebrated another birthday to a hearty round of singing.
John Tanko noted that on 5/5/05 he became a member so would be celebrating his 5th anniversary.

Speakers were Atty Rob Pollack from Novato Fri PM club on caregiver relationships, the elder justice act and elder abuse. Our other speaker was Maggie Allen an RN from Marin Sunrise Rotary who spoke on her organization Visiting Angels-a home care company.