H2Open Door's Recent Trip to visit Guatemala Project
Mar 10, 2020 6:30 PM
Jon Kaufman, Founder and Leader of H2Open Doors
H2Open Door's Recent Trip to visit Guatemala Project

As a project of Rotary clubs, H2OpenDoors enjoys the support of Rotarians and others throughout the globe. Fundamentally, the name says it all… water technology and the opportunities that are created when the poor start small enterprises selling the water. Villages and schools can drive significant revenue by using the bottling plants installed by the project. Even at half-capacity, over $100,000 (USD) can be generated for the exclusive use for social services of the community. College scholarships, nutritional programs, construction of proper latrines, classroom expansion and more can be earned through these businesses.


This all leads to the core of what H2OpenDoors tries to infuse into these communities: self-reliance and human dignity. Within the very first year, we like to see self-sufficiency. And while we offer consultation, guidance and friendship going forward, we look towards ending the paradigm of Giver and Taker.


Currently, the project takes out 4 to 5 expeditions each year, inviting up to 40 participants. Activities include a SunSpring water plant installation, immersion into the village culture, and fun adventure. Past trips have included a 4-day safari in the Mara of Kenya with Masai warriors, a trek through the Annapurna range of the Himalayas, and visits to ancient ruins and active volcanos.